The Beast of Times stages the complexities of revolution—how love and heartbreak are experienced in social justice movements. It captures the nuances and tensions between privilege, freedom, and oppression while bravely telling the stories of the often-bumpy pathways to consciousness that involve anger, pain, betrayal, healing, sex, and laughter. The Beast of Times is a must read for all social justice educators and activists.


                     José Manuel Aguilar-Hernández, Ph.D.

                     Assistant Professor, Ethnic and Women’s Studies

                     California State Polytechnic University, Pomona



It is never easy to talk about current class clashes, racial divides, immigration issues, colonial histories, and violent sexual trauma. It is even more difficult to do so in ways that are witty, moving, and profoundly insightful. The Beast of Times does just that. It is a hilarious, highly entertaining performance piece, complex in its tackling of multi-layered conversations, and yet extremely accessible when approached through the animal personas embodied to truth-tell about the reality of our times. When we face the mirror held up by various “animals” in this performance seeped in queer, people of color politics, we must confront the true ‘beasts’ in this equation.


                     Sheena Malhotra, Ph.D.

                     Professor, Gender and Women’s Studies

                     California State University, Northridge




Move over Neil Simon and the old guard of American theater! Adelina Anthony has gifted us with a play that bravely re-centers the diverse face of our country and will forever change American Theater! She takes the lives made invisible by mass media and gives them voice in a subversive new interpretation! Imagine the animal characters of George Orwell’s Animal Farm recast into hilarious, gut-wrenching, radical, feminist, queer, and of color characters! Cross that with relevant and refreshing social commentary, then hand the script over to talented actors hungry for a rich and meaningful challenge! The Beast of Times is a must for every library shelf and should be performed at every high school and college.


                     Kristina Wong, Performer and author of

                     Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest