Crisp and spare, yet rich and ethereal, these poems are equally at home in Paris or Juárez, comfortable in Spanish or English, at ease in the past or the very present. Martínez’s poems are as delicate as bare branches on the cusp of spring, or dare I say, as honest as the very brazos—the figurative arms—that carry him, and embrace us with poetic splendor and insights into new realms of being.



                     Richard Blanco, 2013 Inaugural Poet, author of

                     Looking for the Gulf Motel



Pablo Miguel Martínez's poetry reminds me what it is that I love about language and its ability to evoke the profoundest of emotion from quotidian description. He is a master at putting words together in ways that alternately move, rend, reveal, sunder, and transport. Each poem is a gem--of wisdom, of passion, of sensuality, of sorrow, of joy, and of everyday beauty and embedded history. I find that each discloses something--about myself, about the world, about life--that I didn't know I needed to learn. I hope that readers will join me in reveling in the sheer sumptuousness of Martínez's verse.


                     Michael Hames-García, Ph.D., author of

                     Identity Complex: Making the Case for

                     Multiplicity and co-editor of Lambda Literary

                     Award-winning Gay Latino Studies: A Critical




These haunting, fierce poems subtly calibrate the human quest for love, belonging, and fulfillment. Set in diverse geographies, they explore the mysteries of love in its multiple guises, from eros to agape. The poems are deeply felt explorations of Chicano experiences, reminding us that in its plenitude North American literature is also multicultural and multilingual.


                     Tomás Ybarra-Frausto, Independent scholar of

                     Latino arts and culture