With a prayer of ‘lust and passion,’ When the Glitter Fades offers a collection of beautifully audacious poetry. Foxx’s writing employs a cadence of love--for friends, family, lovers, and communidad–to guide us through intimate moments of pain and pleasure. From a snapshot of desire, to a whisper of tenderness, every word is carefully constructed to evoke in the reader a sense of movement through space and memory. The collection invites us to witness a process of purging and healing so deeply personal it inspires our devotion.


Irene Mata, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Wellesley College



A raw and lonesome voice speaks and we respond with tears, laughter, and joy. Gay or straight, we respond to these vignettes with empathy. Dino Foxx exposes us to his very essence through these vivid poems in his new book, When the Glitter Fades. It is hard to imagine the effects of a constant feeling of abandonment and the toil it takes psychologically. Foxx vividly writes about the affects on his relationships with his lovers, family, and the people he encounters in his daily life.The catharsis in his poetry has been healing and is evident in how he now lives his life. Adelante, Dino!


Ellen Riojas Clarke, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

University of Texas, San Antonio



Passionate, poignant and powerful, Dino Foxx’s poems spill forth like bittersweet tears and redemptive blood.  Love is central to these works with all its ecstasy, longing, pain and gratification. The poems sizzle with fierce queer sensibilities and down home Xicanidad to give readers a provocative emotional experience that is familiar and also altogether new.


Charles Rice-González, author of Chulito 

and co-editor of From Macho to Mariposa: New

Gay Latino Fiction



In this collection, Dino Foxx utilizes those elements of life that make us most vulnerable – truth, pain, loss, family, fear, love, uncertainty, and healing – and he weaves stories into poems into stories into poems, over and over, again and again.  And although they depict the experiences of one man, these poems are the corridos of our jotito youth and of San Anto’s raza.  Through them, Dino Foxx masterfully demonstrates that he is one true, firm-footed, literary badass.


Jesús Alonzo, author of Jotos del Barrio 

and Miss America: A Mexicanito Fairy’s Tale


For over a hundred and fifty years in the heart of South Texas, a bloated, public works project dedicated to shoring up white, straight privileges has toiled ceaselessly, day and night, through weekends and holidays. For the queers, Latino/as, and the doubly blessed queer Latino/as who live here, the task of inventing the self, claiming a space, holding onto family, celebrating life and negotiating relationships with Mexico, Tejas, Mexicanidad and the greater Latinidad remain bold ambitions, if not key challenges. When the Glitter Fades is Dino Foxx’s multi-layered snapshot of that struggle taking place in San Antonio at the dawn of a new century. It is a compelling glimpse into one young man’s corazón sagrado beating out a zealous love for humanity to disco, cumbia, and conjunto.


Paul Bonin-Rodriguez, Ph.D., Artist-Scholar

Performance as Public Practice

University of Texas, Austin



Filled with insurgent testimony, this work stands as a cathartic monument dedicated to a life lived and living large. All at once vulnerable, revealing and unrelenting in its brutal candor, each poem is like a postcard declaring, “I was here!” stepping stones continuing the journey onward and upward. These are love dynamic and tumultuous as the relationships they capture. In true Aristotelian tradition, the poetic drama catapults these ordinary experiences of everyday life to the level of heroic standards. There is sharp wit here and brassy humor in poems that strut the fine line of being both highly readable and performative.  Smooth from page to stage. Dino’s work reminds me of how brave it is to love and to surrender to it. I caught myself snapping my fingers, shaking my head to the familiar, and bursting out in laughter as he manages to say everything we’ve all known about loving all along, but didn’t know how to describe. Our first love and last love is self-love. He gets it, he gets to it, and serves it up raw and un-cut to the rest of us! Now go get some! Delicious.



Angela Kariotis, Playwright