Equally courageous, uncompromising, and engaging, playwright Jesús Alonzo’s lyrical Jotos del Barrio captures the voice of San Antonio’s young Raza Cósmica en metamorfosis. Transforming pre-millennial tension into ebullient prose, Alonzo masterfully dances with language, infusing each phrase with inspired consciousness. Teatro Chicano is alive and well, particularly in Jesús Alonzo’s vibrantly textured barrio.



                     Manuel Solis, San Antonio Current




Gay Xicano Man dances and he knows all the right moves, Gay Xicano Man sings and his song is pitch-perfect, Gay Xicano Man writes the poems that change the course of history and our stories are now present. Jesús Alonzo beautifully captures the stories all too familiar to anyone who has ever had to live multiple lives at once when their truth proved too dangerous. These are the stories that until now were only told in secret between sisters over cheap drinks on a Saturday night, the stories hidden from Mama in old shoe boxes with VHS porn and dirty magazines, and the stories that new generations are still learning how to tell. Jotos del Barrio is a powerful and timeless manifesto that pulls our raza out of the shadows and allows them to shine as the stars of this exquisitely crafted play. Alonzo shows us with love, persistence, patience and fierceness how to be loud, proud and sin vergüenzas like the complicated and lovable characters in this book. May these words find the hands of all of the young jotitos who need nothing more than to know that they are not, nor will then ever be, alone.



                     Dino Foxx, author of When the Glitter Fades